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Tony Copping, B.Sc., President

Tony Copping incorporated Signature Software in 1988 after increasing demand for his consulting services compelled him to formalize his practice. Signature Software has since enjoyed long success contracting with professionals, corporations, governments and OEMs. Tony is embarking on the further expansion of Signature Software into custom applications, enterprise solutions and web development. Tony is a computer scientist in the purest sense of the term.

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Richard Melville, Development

Richard Melville has been involved in the computer industry since its infancy. Richard began working on large IBM mainframe computers at a tender age and has maintained his overriding interest in computer science to this day. He is client-facing and user-oriented and approaches his career from this perspective. Richard is a creative thinker and conceived and executed much of what makes Signature Software products and services unique today.

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Joanne Copping, Treasurer

Joanne Copping has been involved in all aspects of the development of Signature Software since its inception. Joanne has worked in service industries and retail and brings her long experience working with the general public to her career at Signature Software. She has recently completed an honours certification in Office Management and Accounting.

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