If your enterprise solution isn't easy to scaleable, it's a dartboard

The wrong software for one task might not be a total a disaster - but the wrong software for 500 employees? It might not mean the end of the world, but it can mean the end of the enterprise.

How do you know you have the best enterprise software? And that it will continue to be the best? How well do your network and internet connections perform? And is the software you already own totally obsolete? Signature Software performs software and security audits to help determine the relationship between problem and possible solutions.

We bring legacy systems up to modern standards to work over your network using standard internet messaging protocols, or help you retire obsolete software and migrate data to new systems. Common code is identified to enable reuse and sharing of software and third party software integration is considered to extend services for use by other systems.

Signature Software identifies common information for the enterprise to be refactored into shared infrastructure components and services - reducing an enterprise's inter-departmental software development and reducing wasteful and error prone data entry. Source code management and revision control tools keep redundant code from proliferating. Capabilities are compared and short-listed. Empirical testing then clarifies recommendations of the best solutions.

We show you how computer supported collaboration, team programming, mentoring, code reviews and the art of fast cycle maximize developer productivity. Even the name speaks of productivity: fast cycle. And what is a name but the symbol for an idea? Integration. Sharing. Security. Ideas whose time has come.